Kei Lam


Kei Lam (ケイ・ラム)
彼女はまたグラフィック小説の作家でもある。彼女の最初のコミック本「バナナガール(Banana Girl)」は2017年に出版され、ユニセフから文学賞を受賞した。

Kei Lam
Kei is originally from Hong Kong and now resident in Paris. She worked as an urban planning engineer before moving on to a career in illustration.
Her compositions are liveliness, full of colours and celebrate the beauty in the everyday. You can find her work in the editorial illustration, press, in several children’s books and advertising.
She is also a graphic novel author. Her first comic book called Banana Girl, was published in 2017 and had obtained a literature prize from UNICEF.