Cassandre Montoriol



Cassandre is based in Paris, renowned worldwide for her captivating work. Using traditional ink, gouache, and crayon, she brings her expressive, hand-drawn artistic aesthetic to life through various mediums, including travel diaries, fashion illustration, and textile design. Her feminine touch and distinctive style have made her a prominent figure in the fashion publishing industry. As she puts it, “I create colorful, figurative work, range from interior scenes and nature to landscapes and people.”


Hermès/LVMH/Bloomingdale’s/GAP/M/B/Volkswagen/Agenda/Bonton/Buccellati/Glamour/Vanity Fair/VOGUE Japan/Marie Claire/The New Yorker/ISETAN/MIRARTH HOLDING,INC.


fashion, nature, pattern, botanical, plants, environment, maps, travel, watercolor, architecture, food&drinks, interior, cityscapes, people ,landscape, animal