Kera Till


ドイツ在住フランス人。女性を描くことが多いが、美しいものから、刺激を受け、食べ物、建築、家具、動物、花等も得意とする。フランスパリの老舗パティスリー「LADUREE」のウェブサイトやパッケージ、またミュンヘンのエルメスショップウィンドーなどラグジュアリーブランドのクライアントが多い。ドイツ版「VOGUE」のWeb 内に彼女のブログは好評。以下でご覧ください。

Born in France 1983, Kera is a french artist and shares her time between London and Munich in Germany.She has been drawing girls and fashion for her whole life but started as an professional illustrator only two years ago while she was working for Net-a-porter in London.Since then, her works have been featuared in publications such as TATLER, VOGUE, NET-A-PORTER.COM and WIENERIN, including collaboratation work with an high end stationer for cards.She works with black ink and watercolours, and rarely use the computer to modify her illustration Most of the time Kera draws at home while listening to music, and occasionally works in coffeshops or libraries as well.
Other than girls, which she loves to draw, she extends her drawing to food, architecture, dogs, birds, furniture, flowers as well as chandeliers. Her inspiration comes from everything beautiful and glamourous ( fashion magazines, photos, fine art, antique markets, movies, department stores, pastries…)