Nao Sakamoto


1979年北海道生まれ、北海道在住。本の装丁のほか、雑誌、web, CDジャケット、広告、壁面、グッズなどの多方面のイラストレーションを手がけている。またNHK「趣味Do楽ボールペンだけで描ける!簡単&かわいいイラスト」への講師出演など、多岐に渡り活躍。著書に「ボールペンで簡単!大人かわいい季節のイラスト帖」(主婦と生活社刊)。「いつものペンでかんたん、おしゃれ!大人かわいいイラスト」(講談社刊)などがある。

Nao is an artist born in Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido, in 1979. Her boundless artistic works covers a wide range of mediums, including books, magazines, websites, CD jackets, advertisements, and even on walls and various goods. She has earned her a spot as an instructor on Japan Broadcasting Corporation, NHK ‘s “Hobby Do-Raku: Easy & Cute Illustrations with Ballpoint Pens!” Nao is the author of two books, “Easy with Ballpoint Pens! Cute Illustrations of the Seasons for Adults” published by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha, and “Easy and stylish with ordinary pens! Cute Illustrations for Adults” published by Kodansha Ltd.


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architecture, characters, cityscapes, landscapes, maps, travel, animal, family, nature