Pauline de Roussy de Sales


NY在住。スタジオをマンハッタンに持つ。The Rhode Island School of Designにて版画を学び、現在フリーランスのイラストレーター。マンハッタンの街や旅からインスピレーションを受ける。人物を得意とし、表情や動きで、百人百様のスタイルある個性を描くのが魅力。

Pauline is an artist who calls Manhattan, New York City her home and creative haven. With a background in printmaking from The Rhode Island School of Design, she now thrives as a freelance illustrator. Enchanted by the city of Manhattan and the wonders of travel, Pauline’s artistry captures the unique essence of people through their expressions and movements.


The Wing, Vogue, Bobbi Brown, Dig Inn, Man Repeller, Marc Jacobs, Jones Magazine, Hopp Shoes, The New Stand, WeWorks, MiniFix Makeup, Tribe de Mama Magazine, Court Tree Collective, Koan, Artemis Design Co., Swagger New York, House of Terrance, Nanushka, Amelia Brown Studios, Prounis Jewelry


architecture, cityscapes, fantasy, humor, vintage, watercolor, newyorker, people, interior